Here you are,
on this white leaf of paper, a letter to pick you.

Lips travel the fragrant path of a juice,
or you may have tasted a crisp giardiniera
or rather have recognized something unique and rare
in our produce, in our eyes..
Curiosity is an explorer of dreams.

This is a true story, that is still going on,
of a world born inside a child, Matteo.
In the heart of a green valley
he grew free, in the dirt.
One day, digging with his own hands,
he uncovered a spring of water,
wonder started growing in him.

The forest slowly became enchanted, like the Petit Prince,
Matteo went to school accompanied everyday by a robin
and a blackbird with a little white spot on its tail.
Friends, masters of the forest who taught his heart the values of his mother,

He discovered the underworld of ants,
grew up with the scent of bees on him,
experienced the silent pain of frosts,
the sound of ice on the skin of his peaches,
discovered that too much water kills,
while in drought, the heart drags across painful deserts.

A little child,
a tiny seed rooted on a patch of land,
a sprout that with effort sought the light
the sun, the passion.

Today we can say that we are the sap of a branching plant of people,
born from delicate mountain flowers,
each of us has our own color but all of us,
all together as leaves
we work and live
to give oxygen to this world.

‘Selling’ is a word we usually don’t ‘pick’,
you don’t see a plant collecting money,
our products are fruits
that are born from an idea,
from man’s love for nature,
that grow in the light
and in the transparency of a few ingredients,
water and sunshine.

Like any true fruit,
one day it will come to wed, ripen,
suddenly it will break away from its mother
and will fall into the arms of its father,
the earth.

Right here,
in the last days before giving birth it feels life on its skin,
there lives at the source of the most intense emotions, life.
Here we farmers seek with respect and care
to harvest, to accompany the fruits
with a story in a jar.

Able even to name food
we would like you to savor the scent, the taste,
the colors of the man who loves nature, the woman.
We would like to take you back to childhood,
in a flowery meadow, sitting together on hay bales
Telling stories, fairy tales of this wonderful life.

If these words of ours
have moved you, we will be pleased.
Delighted to meet you.

We look forward to seeing you,
we will be glad to welcome you at:


and at our events:


if you would like to grow with us:


if you would like to blossom with us:


If you come by carriage, hay and water for your horses it will be our pleasure to take care of them.
If you are far away and have no carrier pigeons to send us, you can write us a letter at this address dedicated to You all:

It is not necessary to talk about business.
A place for bring people to meet and find each other,
even if physically distant,
our thoughts, our words, our love.

Perhaps you will see Matteo here and there,
always wearing a hat,
he will always have an idea in his head
and will not fail to amaze you again in the future
with his poems.
He is still the little boy digging up the spring.
And he still has the same wonder
as he did then,
in his eyes
and in his heart.

May 14, 2023 – Matteo Locatelli